Prayer Letter from Simon


Good day All.

Alice is taking a well-earned break this week as she spends time with family.  Thank you Alice for all you do! 😊 We agreed that I would write this prayer letter and also circulate information pertaining to the Big Church Festival – formerly the Big Church Day Out.

I have volunteered at this event twice in previous years and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  There is good company, good food, great acts to watch, and things to see and it is well run.  In the years I attended there was also great weather.  If you need a break and have free time, then I would heartily recommend this as a great weekend away.   Details for Clare McKnight. Contact her if you would like to be involved.  😊

BCDO Clare McKnight <[email protected]>      

This week I am preaching at Church on Matthew 9 verses 1 through 13.  Jesus heals a sinner and then challenges the Pharisee’s on their views on “sinners”.

There are more than a few things that can be said about the passages but I had one thing to remark on and something to bless you with.

Matthew – the Matthew in the text, the tax-collector, is the very same Matthew who wrote the Book Of Matthew.  He gets to meet Jesus,  he gets to dine with Jesus and yet doesn’t say anything about that experience.  How remarkable!  If I got to meet Jesus in person, I would have a lot more to say and would use every opportunity to talk about it.  You wouldn’t be able to shut me up!  What would your response be?  It reminds me of the song by MercyMe – I can only Imagine.

The rest of the preach is about sin.  It seems really relevant at this time in a world that is fractured and broken.  Everywhere you look things are incomplete and not what God intended them to be. But the Good News is that things will not always remain like this, everything will be restored.  Why?

Because “God showed His great love for us by Sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.”  [Romans 5:8]

God could not leave us where we were and sent his son to be our Saviour.  Wherever you are, whatever you are dealing with today, REMEMBER God knows you, sees you, God loves you. 😊

Take care.  Have a blessed day.