Prayer Letter from Nick



Suddenly a fist connected with my face.  I was about 12 years old and happened to walk past the local bully on our estate as he had been excluded from my school.  In typical bully fashion I didn’t see the punch from behind which resulted in an ABH as my brace ripped through my gums.

The Sgt who came out was a Christian officer and encouraged me to take this formally and see justice done which subsequently happened.  His professional attitude, victim care and doing the right thing inspired me to join up.

Years later the Christian Cop became my own Insp.  Many will know ex Insp Derek Willott.  Today Derek  is with the Lord and a testimony to his work is the Derek Willott award  which is for a Team or group that have engaged with the community to problem solve.

Derek improved my quality of life by being a cop and spiritually by his Christ like attitude towards his work.

Monday is my last day as a full time cop after 30 years and its made me ponder about Christian Leaders like Derek and what eternal testimonies am I building.

Whatever you are doing this shift be inspired that you are doing it for Christ as we serve those we meet.

God’s Peace be with you and thank you for all you do.


(back part time in March).