Prayer Letter from Nick


Hello Everybody.

As I wrote this I did not know that His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh would pass away.  Our thoughts are with his loved ones.

We especially remember our Queen who is the longest reigning monarch in British history and works tirelessly in Service to our Country. 

The Queen has faced many challenges yet has looked in two directions for almost her entire life-upwards to God, and outwards towards her people. 

In 1986 the Queen said “His (Jesus) life thus began in humble surroundings, in fact in a stable, but he was to have a profound influence on the course of history, and on the lives of generations of his followers.  You don’t have to be rich or powerful in order to change things for the better and each of us in our own way can make a contribution.”

Our dear Alice recently received a thank you from the Queen on Maundy Thursday for her service as a Christian in the local community; notably with Surrey CPA for 26 years and her Church (includes Street Angels and community outreach).

The Queen sent Alice two purses containing the Maundy Money and a personal signed letter of thanks.  This tradition goes back to 600 AD.

Normally Alice would have visited Westminster Abbey to meet the Queen in a service that commemorates Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles at the Last Supper as an act of Service before his Crucifixion.

This is an incredible award that recognises the ongoing Service by Alice to Surrey Police and the local community.

On behalf of all who read your Prayer Letters Alice, well done and thank you for your love, care and service to us all.