Prayer Letter from Mike



I’m Mike Jones, a retired police officer working still as a Designing Out Crime Officer, for Surrey Police’s Western Division. I am your guest editor of the Prayer Letter this week.

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke about the Duke of Edinburgh last week, that he chose to ‘walk behind’ his wife; as her subject, husband and consort, in love. He chose to support the Queen in their combined service to the Commonwealth and their family. Her Majesty delighted and depended on the love, advice and support of her husband who always ‘walked behind’.

As Christians we are called to ‘walk behind’ Jesus, to obey his command in Matthew 4, 19, to; ‘Come follow me’. We are also called  in Philippians 2 v 3, to; ‘in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.’

Queen Elizabeth demonstrated the tradition of service by the monarch to her subjects, by the distribution of Maundy Money in Holy Week. As most of you will know, this ceremony is now used to recognise the service of others in the community and this year such recognition was given to Surrey Police CPA Volunteer and Volunteer Chaplain, Alice Potter.

Alice has been overwhelmed and humbled by this recognition and the lovely comments she has received since.  In her service to us, she has simply been ‘walking behind’ Jesus, keeping close to Him and doing her best to follow where she believes He is leading. It is great that she has received this recognition and it encourages and inspires us all, to look to Jesus every day and  ‘walk behind’ Him, in obedience to his call to, ‘Come follow me’. 

Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, we thank you for your selfless sacrifice for us on the cross, that gave us new life and hope in you. We offer our lives back to you, in gratitude, as we know your service is perfect freedom.

We thank you for Sussex and Surrey Police and for how we are blessed with the Chaplain Service and we pray for Frances Novillo as she leads the team. We also thank you for the Sussex and Surrey CPA and pray for our leaders, Samantha Gentry, Luella Bubloz, Simon Berger and Bert Dean.

We pray for ourselves and our colleagues, as we continue to meet the challenges of COVID, help us to be salt and light in our work places; following You, to look to the needs of others, wherever You will lead us.



Mike Jones