Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

Words of encouragement today written by Jennifer Rothschild.

You’re so much more than what you do!

You’re loved just as you are.

You’re not your mistakes.

Nor are you defined by where you fall short.

You aren’t what you accomplish either.

You’re accepted, known, and enough.

Because you’re God’s child. You are His.

Your identity is not based on what you have done.

But what God did for you.

Father, I Pray that the above will be a “Comforting Hug” direct from You.

A Prayer Request. For Chris, a partner to one of our Officers who receives this PL. He is due to undergo the removal of a Kidney Stone this coming Monday 16th January. Prayers please that the Operation will take place; the Medics; for those who love him and a good recovery. 

In Him and In His Grip.