Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Trusting that you are “Walking” well in this New Year, with The Lord alongside you as referred to in last week’s PL.

Today I am sharing with you the life of Paul, not St Paul, but by the time you have read the following, you will I feel, want to call him a Saint.

Paul who is part of the CPA, has worked for Surrey Police for 10 years. Most of that time in the FCR where he has given 12 hours a week, whilst studying for Medical Qualifications in London. He qualified, as he says, “In 2019 ready for a World Pandemic”.

Below is a summary of Paul’s Nursing career:

“I am currently based at a large Teaching Hospital on a Hyperacute Stroke Unit; dealing with patients in the hours and days following a stroke. Some of our patients walk in; many don’t. A lot of them are very unwell with some serious and complex complications. For a few of them, sadly, all we are able to provide is end of life care. 

The unit is half my working week. The other half is with the Resuscitation Services team, teaching health care professionals and students how to resuscitate, attending medical emergencies around the hospital, plus an awful lot of audits. During the last major surge (October 2020 – April 2021) I was redeployed to COVID Intensive Care”. 

That in itself deserves a round of applause, but 12 hours a week in FCR as well??

This last week Paul left the FCR to give himself a chance to recuperate from his Nursing.

As a group of Sisters and Brothers in The Lord Paul, we want to acknowledge you and Thank You for what you have done in Surrey Police.

Our Prayers go with you Paul as you leave us to continue this amazing work you undertake for those who are suffering.

I am constantly thanking everyone in Surrey Police for their commitment to their work, again I want to do that today and especially to Paul.

Matt 25. 21. “Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant”

Many Blessings