Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I hope you have been able to enjoy your Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year. These statements are normal after a Christmas break, but I have a feeling a lot of you will say that Christmas was not what was anticipated. That was certainly the case with me. Then we moved up to The New Year Celebrations…

I spent the change of the year on Facetime with my older Daughter in Seattle. As time was ticking up towards midnight here, they were just about to have a late lunch there, 8 hours behind us. A huge blast of fireworks around my home told me midnight had arrived and 2022 was with us here in the UK.

I thought over that happening some time later. There is no way that God walked on with me and left my Daughter behind in The States, no more than He stayed with her and allowed me to walk on, on my own here in the UK.

Allowed me to walk on… on my own”.

As I thought on that statement I had made earlier, I cannot say how much I shivered inside. Being without God! It was truly frightening.

I am so thankful that we read in Hebrews 13.8: “Jesus Christ is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever”

May we be aware of that throughout 2022.

Many Blessings