Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your on-going Prayers for those to whom I have referred in these PL’s.

I have just read a blog written by a friend who is a Pastor of a Church. He talks about “People being tired, fragile, emotionally dried tanks, Covid depleted”.

Earlier in the week I was reminded of my favourite verse found in Eph 2.10.

“You are a Masterpiece, created by God in Christ Jesus; to do good works; which He has created in advance for us to do”.

But Lord … We are tired and fragile…

The reason I was reminded of my favourite verse is because Bear Grylls mentioned it in his Book which I read daily called “Soul Fuel”. Having written my favourite verse he went on to expand on the writings in a way I have never seen in that verse before.  I have paraphrased it below –

He loves you

He values you

You have a purpose

You have Power

May you know in your heart the way Jesus sees you this coming week. No matter how tired or fragile you feel; He is Your Enabler.

Many Blessings