Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I continue to be concerned about you as you press on in these days. My daily Prayers are with you and for you.

I want this week to be totally selfish and talk about me. Reason, I want to give God the Glory and the Honour for His Faithfulness in my life.

This last Sunday, I knew that yet again I was facing an Anniversary of my Husband’s death 13 years ago. At such times you recall your memories of the run up to the happening and what followed. On the day of his death, I was with my two Daughters in the Hospital and two friends from Church. He left us at 12.15pm. Later we returned home and my two Daughters went into the kitchen to prepare lunch. I sat in the lounge thinking. Then I discovered my legs were taking me towards the studio window at the end of the room. Outside was the largest Rainbow I have ever seen. Rainbows had always been very special to me. I just knew it was of God.

When we left the hospital, I sent a message to one Christian Police Officer in Surrey to let them know what had happened. She in turn contacted many others. Emails started pinging in. Each one referred to the “Rainbow”. “Please be assured God is telling you that all is and will be well for you”. Each message said the same. Officers from every area in Surrey were contacting me, it would seem that this Rainbow could be seen throughout the County.

Yes, all has been well, my heartfelt gratitude to the Lord throughout these years has grown. He is Faithful.

“I have set My Rainbow in the clouds, and It will be the sign of the Covenant between Me and you”. Gen 9.13.

Thank you for listening. May you know His Constant Care of you.