Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

Very many thanks to Nick for writing last week’s Prayer Letter. Thank you too for the number of Congratulations I have received. I have said before, I am not superstitious, but hopefully that is now the end of the Awards, Surrey Star, Maundy Money and now Eminent Citizen of Woking. “Things come in threes…”

I also want to thank Sgt Simon Berger for attending the Ceremony with me. “I truly appreciated you giving up precious time that should have been spent with your family Simon, to be with me and my younger Daughter Rachel; as my two guests”.

After the Award Ceremony ended, I was informed by the PA to the Mayor of Woking that my name would be written on one of their Plaques in Woking Borough Council Offices. “And it will be outlined in Gold Leaf” added the PA.

The second after I heard those words, I heard the following:

“See, I have written your name on the palms of My Hands” Isaiah 49:16a

How truly special to hear those words at that moment.

As Christians, we do not need our names up in lights, we just want to express the Love of Jesus in the way we live our lives.

My Prayer for you today is that you are there “In Him” as you walk amongst your Colleagues – in which I know is a far from easy place of work.

Go, knowing how “Special” you are, because of Your Lord and Saviour.

Giving Him All The Glory.