Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone.

Continuing to be concerned for you all. You are in my Daily Prayers.

Again, please may I ask you to Pray for each other. I am aware of an Officer who has two teenagers with Covid. Others planning trips to university in a matter of a few weeks.

In our Church a week ago, our visiting speaker shared with us his thoughts on the “Water being changed into Wine” story as found in John 2. 1-11.

So good when you hear thoughts on a story you know really well, which brings revelation.

  • Jesus told the Servants to fill the water jars with water, 20-30 Gallons.
  • Having done so, He then told them to take a sample to the Master of the Banquet.
  • The Servants did and the Master could not believe that the best wine had been saved until the end of the Banquet.

I wonder what was going through the minds of these Servants as they filled the stone jars and then for them to be asked to take a sample to the Master.

The Lord looks to us to undertake actions for Him, we may never know the full outcome.

But as the Servants trusted Jesus, so do we.

The result- amazing Wine.

His Will being done on earth through us His Servants.

And it is all because we know our Lord and how he is able to work miracles through us.

Press on this week in Him as He uses you in bringing His Kingdom here on earth.

Many Blessings.