Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Is it me or are the weeks travelling by very quickly? Here I am again with yet another Prayer Letter.

I am starting today with a Prayer Request. I am aware of a number of people in the Force battling illness and weariness. Some needing an operation and isolating – Praying that they do not succumb to Covid. Please can I encourage you to Pray, even though you do not know who you are Praying for. The Lord knows.

Staying in the Medical World. Last week I gave my usual blood donation. I have just learned that it is fine – I am really pleased to know that, but even more so that it has been processed; mainly into platelets, some of it remains as blood, the rest is plasma. It has travelled to Taunton in Devon where it will be given to 1 -3 cancer patients. My blood is always used in such treatment.

I have, since hearing this news, been in touch with a Police Chaplain in Lincolnshire. She too has donated her blood and in her case; babies and people with a low immune system will benefit.

Amazing how the Medical World has worked out how our blood can benefit different sections of humanity.

Thankfully Jesus paid the ransom with His Blood that is for everyone.

Thank You Lord for Your Great Sacrifice.