Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I trust you are well.

I would imagine that many of you are planning on a much-needed Holiday, which I trust you are able to take within today’s rules. Have a special time, richly deserved.

Earlier today I knew what I was going to place in this week’s Prayer Letter. I also knew that I would be watching the Police Memorial Service online for the Dedication of the Police Memorial in Staffordshire.

Below I am writing about the Memorial Service and not my planned Prayer Letter:

It was an exceptionally moving time, wonderful music which as a musician always gets me. If you are able to watch it, I would encourage you to do so. Beside watching it on line, I also had BBC 24-hour News on in the background. A lot of the Service was relayed live. It was thrilling to see that the weather report and the beginning of the news at 1pm was put to one side so that the Service could remain on the TV screen. Thank You BBC Controllers.

At one point the weather was somewhat of a problem; rain and strong winds but then the sun shone. To me a picture of the battle you as Police face every day. Then those moments of recuperation.

I want to, as I have done before, to express my thanks to you all for who you are and what you undertake; often above and beyond the call of duty.

The Service finished with Prayers and the Final Dedication was as follows, which I leave with you as My Blessing to you based on 1Thessalonians 5. 13-22:

Go forth into the world in peace
Be of good courage
Hold fast that which is good
Render to no one evil for evil
Strengthen the faint hearted
Support the weak
Help the afflicted
Honour everyone

May you know His Protection.

In Him.