Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I am aware of quite a number of Officers and Staff who are very involved with their Church life. Taking on Eldership Roles and other important positions. Safeguarding in particular being a vital role sadly in today’s world; is often led by people in the Emergency Services within Churches.
Please join me in Prayer for such people with Church responsibilities and their families.

I have been in touch with a Pastor in the North of England for about two years. He shares about his busyness, caring for the needs of the people who attend his Church. He and his wife are carrying out many tasks in supporting God’s People who have arrived at this Church.

Here is a recent quote from one of his emails,
“We worship in an area classed as deprived, with many broken homes, social poverty and terraced housing.
Jesus is The Foundation upon which we are building”

Later in the same email he went on to say –

“But in all of this we have a God who sustains us, and lifts us above the mayhem and into His Presence.”
I should be there more often!”

The phrase “I should be there more often”, spoke loud and clear to me. How often do I spend time in His Presence?

A favourite song of mine by Noel Richards –

To be in your presence
To sit at your feet
When your love surrounds me
And makes me complete
This is my desire, O Lord
This is my desire
This is my desire, O Lord
This is my desire

To be a blessing to others; in both our Church and work life, it is essential we spend time in His Presence.

His Blessings.