Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

It is good to be back.

I want to thank many of you for your Congratulations following the Award from the Queen. The replies on the Intranet have been sent through to me. I am slowly sending each one of you a personal “Thank You”. Others have written directly to me. Again, many thanks.

I have said in my answers, please take Ownership of this Award with me. We are all part of a large Team of people that God has brought together to be available for Him, wherever we find ourselves.

Thank you, Mike, so much for writing the Prayer Letter last week. I know that many were impacted by what you said. The phrase “Come follow me” has been with me from Sunday School days, but those words really jumped out at me when I read your writings.

I find it amazing, but I know I should never be amazed by God, especially when He wants to emphasize something He has just told me – “Come follow me”.

Then today I read – 

“Jesus rose early to Pray” Mark 1.35.

Bear Grylls says in his Soul Fuel Book on this verse, (My paraphrase) –   you discuss with Your Heavenly Father your “To do list” before you start the day – placing the Lord in the driving seat, then and only then are you ready to go.

“Rising early” is not me. I am working on it. I am though learning to put things before Him before I carry them out…

Many Blessings

In Him and Under His Wings