Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for replies from last week’s Prayer Letter.

I continue to trust you are well and again; a massive thank you for all you are and do.

We started this week with the International Day for Women and we end with it being Mothering Sunday.

Jesus could have arrived on earth at the age of 30 and carried out His Work here on earth, but no, God chose to ask Mary to be His Mum.

Women were the last to leave the Cross and a woman was the first-person Jesus appeared to; after He arose from the dead.

I understand that this last happening above, is one of the ways that people believe the story of Jesus to be true. In those days, you never gave a message to a woman; you always gave it to a man. Jesus however chose to ask a woman to tell His Disciples that He was alive.

“Mary gave birth to her Firstborn, a Son.
She wrapped Him in strips of cloth and placed Him in a manger,
Because there was no room in the inn” Luke 2. 7.

I Pray that each one of us will find time in our busy lives to find room for Our Lord and Saviour during this coming week.

Many Blessings in His Precious Name.