Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I am pleased that the writings at the beginning of last week’s PL were a Blessing as we entered this New Year.

Recently listening to one of our Officers, I realised that what he was saying was a very good Prayer Point for the PL.

Here it is below.

“Recently I have played a small part in the training of new recruits into the Contact Centre. It occurred to me how daunting it must be to learn a new job in these most extraordinary of times. Add into the mix disruptions to their training courses where some have had to self-isolate, they have had to work from home, and some of the coaches have had to self-isolate. It really has been a roller coaster. And then when they finally get into the room and start taking reports, they and their coaches have to keep up with a constantly changing set of rules and regulations.

So, my prayer is that they can draw strength and confidence in knowing that they have been chosen for this job, that they are here for a reason, that they are valued, and that they are already part of the police family. I pray that they can find some quiet time in the day to refresh themselves, to shield themselves from being overwhelmed with an avalanche of learning. For their coaches, I pray for patience and wisdom, and an ability to imbue their new recruit with a spirit of teamwork, of being equal partners in the journey”.

I Pray that as you are there for each other, in these very difficult times as a Trainer or a long time Team member, that you will be able to support each other; remembering Psalm 23:

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want”

My Prayers are for all of you as you face every minute of your day.

In His Name