Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Below is a message from Nick Sharpe:

“Thank you for joining us for our (Sussex & Surrey) Emergency Services Christmas Carol Service on Monday 14th December. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  There have been over 500 views so far!”

The Carol Service will be live for one week from the 14th December via

I truly enjoyed the Service. Both our Chief and Sgt Simon Berger took part. Earlier this year we were Praying much for Simon for his health. During the Service he was interviewed as to what he faced and how The Lord had the victory. Thank you Simon. Well Done. Praying now as to how the Lord uses your Testimony.

Christmas is being “Decided” as I write this Prayer Letter in a Cobra Meeting today. I wonder what our Government would have decided if they had had to arrange the first ever Christmas Day. Here is what actually happened:

I look forward to being back with you in the New Year. May God Bless you during this Christmas Time.

Happy Christmas