Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I am trusting you are well.

I have an English friend who is married to an American woman and together they live in The States with their four children. This time last week everything was normal. Then his very fit Mother-in-law was found motionless on the floor in their home. She had had an Aneurism. She died in under forty-eight hours.

Last evening, I watched on line, her Thanksgiving Service – live from her Church in The States. How quickly things can change.

Our thoughts are very much heading towards Christmas and I am reminded how things dramatically changed for Mary, Jesus’s Mother.

Mary was as we read in Luke 1. 27-38, engaged to be married to Joseph. But an angel arrived and totally changed her plans. He told her “The Lord is with you” (28) and later “Do not be afraid” (30).

Finally, in that reading in Luke we come across the words –

“Nothing is impossible with God”

My Prayers are with you during these unchartered times.

“The Lord is with us”

“We do not need to be afraid”

“Nothing is impossible with God”.

Many Blessings and His Peace.