Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I have this week chosen (much to my personal surprise) to take time off.

Due to Covid and other circumstances I have not been on holiday or had a break of any kind since July last year.

I cogitated with myself over this decision on Sunday. Then on Monday, I read a verse in a book called Soul Fuel, A Daily Devotional; by Bear Grylls.

He had written about “Plans that we make”. The verse was Prov:16.9:

                           “In their hearts; Humans plan their course

                               But the Lord establishes their steps”.

It has been amazing what has happened this week so far. I have stood down from regular commitments. In turn the Lord has placed many things before me to handle. But – He knew what I was capable of and “Established” my steps.

                                             A God given Holiday!

Incidentally – every activity that has been handed to me is Police related, He knows where my heart is!

Many Blessings.