Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Last week, I placed a Prayer request at the beginning of the Prayer Letter. Here is the answer to our Prayers:

“I received the result of the blood test yesterday. Thankfully it was negative, so the next step is to liaise with my consultant in regards to the course of steroids”.

Thank You Lord for answered Prayer.

One of the Team with whom I work in the CPA here in Surrey is called Bert Dean. He has on occasions written this Prayer Letter. He is an Inspector and is a Borough Commander. I have from time to time walked around HQ’s with him. Everyone seems to know him. He is full of action, massive smile. Always arrives full of joy and buzzes.

He arrived in our Phone Conference Prayer Meeting last Friday bright and breezy, he always seems to be switched on. As a group we shared; ready to Pray. Finally, Bert spoke. He said he wanted to share the words that Jesus shared with His Disciples. “My Peace I give unto you”. “I believe the Lord wants us to know His Peace right now and in these coming days.”

So far, I have talked about the brightness, action and energy of Bert. But when he said the word “Peace”, it sank down inside me as I heard it. A warmth seemed to settle within me and around me. It was as though the Lord Himself had said “Peace” at that moment.

I want to pass that on to you for you to experience the “Peace” that Jesus has for you today and for it to be a warmth inside you too. Thank you, Bert, you had to leave us due to your commitments and I was unable to tell you about what had happened to me. I continue to live in the good of that. Thank You Lord.

                                                John 14.27.

                                      “My Peace I give unto you.

                           It’s a Peace that the world cannot give.

                      It’s a Peace that the world cannot understand,

                                Peace to know Peace to live,

                                  My Peace I give unto you” (Maranatha Singers).

May the Peace of the Lord fill you today. Amen.