Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I am writing this latest Prayer Letter; having just returned from my weekly visit into Woking Police Station as their Chaplain. It is by no means a full building. Many of your Colleagues; possibly like yourself, working from home.

There was one thing everyone had in common as I chatted and that included their Chaplain. All of us were weary. Today was certainly one of my “Grot” days. Thankfully a rare occurrence for me. But perhaps the result of the news of those things we are having to face for the next 6 months and of course the change in the weather.

For Prayer this week – and here I am suggesting you put yourself first. That you Pray for yourself in all the areas that you need support. The list would be endless if I made one, but to me the most important item would be, our personal walk with The Lord, so that we would be a Blessing to our family and those around us at work. But it starts with us as individuals and God.

I sent an email to one of our Leaders in Surrey’s CPA a few weeks ago. I was not complaining, just saying, that infrequently our CPA Prayer times on Zoom in Sussex and Phone Conferences in Surrey; result in my sitting on my own; as everyone else is tied up with their work and that is fine with me. It truly is.

This was his reply –

                                  I’m sorry you are often on your own!

When I read his response, I “heard” myself saying out loud –

                                             “It’s OK, God turned up!”

As it says in His Word – Hebrews 13.5.

                                “I will never leave you or abandon you”.

Returning to my earlier comment, “My personal walk with The Lord”. You and I need Him so much in our lives, so that in turn, we are able to be available to those who are precious around us.

Many Blessings