Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

Thank you for the response to last week’s Prayer Letter.

Requests for Prayer:

  • A recipient of this PL has asked for Prayer for her Husband who is ill and her Son-in Law who is critically ill. He is the Father of her two very young Grandchildren.
  • A former Colleague having retired; left to live abroad. Due to family concerns; now needs to move back to England. Normally difficult, but due to Covid-19, added problems of course.

I trained many years ago at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Besides playing music, I also enjoyed composing. In recent years have proof read music, for friends. It is so easy to incorrectly write Music. In exams – checking and rechecking; I still managed to lose marks.

Then email addresses and Web Sites. So easy to type mistakes and again, a failure.  

Moving up to Zoom/Phone Conferencing; just one wrong number for the Meeting and try as you might; with time running out you cannot enter that Meeting Room. That happened to a Sussex colleague who recently trying to join the Prayer Group for Sussex Police. She eventually arrived on our Zoom screens; very apologetic, “It was just one number I had wrong”.

As this person said that, I realised that that is not a problem where God is concerned. There is no way I have; or will live a perfect life, but I am accepted by God. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, I have immediate access to His Throne Room.

When you next type a mistake, which gives you aggravation, remind yourself of the following –  

Through Jesus Christ I have access direct to The Father. Ep 2.15

I am so grateful during these difficult times in which we live, He is always there, waiting to welcome us.

You are “In His Grip”. Alice.