Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I trust you are well.

Below is information I have been asked to share with you for Prayer from an Off-Duty Officer.

“The attacker was a stranger, unprovoked, in broad daylight. Please pray for my confidence to return when out and about especially in the area where the attack happened/my partner lives there and is my second home. My partner is currently having to walk me to the car when I visit and I will not go out alone in the area. Very unlike me as I love walking and cycling independently.

Prayers for my stiff neck and shoulder, peaceful sleep and mental health to improve as feeling understandably negative towards society at the moment, where as I am normally a very loving person. For justice to prevail and in time for help with a forgiving heart towards the suspects. With gratitude to my partner, son for their support. Praise the Lord for sending me help at the time I needed it during the attack, it could have been a lot worse. Prayers also for the off-duty Officer who assisted me and got spat at.”

Last week I shared with you verses from Isaiah Chapter 40. In verse 28 it states:

“The Lord, who is the Everlasting God; created the Heavens and the Earth”.

The following verses tell us that –

“We will renew our strength, we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not faint, because we hope in The Lord”.

During this last week I discovered the following –

The Astronomer Carl Sagan said that there were more stars in our Universe than grains of sand on the Earth’s beaches.

An amazing Creator God and He loves us.

May you be Blest this week by Our Mighty God.