Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Yet another week still inside lockdown, which adds to the weight and stress to your work. I truly admire you all and again a “Very Big Thank You” for all you are and all you do.

Tomorrow is the 20th June, so if you are able to do so, 20.20 hours for 20 minutes, praying with Hope UK.

Continued Prayer for Luke please. Still no answers from the Medics. Has to step down from work when not feeling well. “He needs healing Lord please”.

I want to share with you something I have chosen to do – not frequently but when I know it is essential. That is to sit and take time out with the Lord.

About a year ago it started. I sat in the arm chair, no Bible and no Praying, just sat. Hands open to receive. Closed my eyes.

I had and still have no idea what God does during that time, but I call it “God’s MOT”

Yesterday I spoke to a Garage Owner in our Church and asked him what happens in an MOT on a car. The list was endless. The first and last items of information really spoke to me.

  • We have three ways in which we systematically check that the car is the car on which we are working. Various pieces of information must tally up with each other – chassis number etc.
  • God looks at us and He knows us, bought with a price, The Blood of His Son. No need for God to check a list.
  • The final part of the Test; the engineer who has been overall responsible for this work with others; knows that the car is safe for the driver to take away.
  • We then stand up and walk; knowing we are safe in His Hands.

I would encourage you to sit and spend time in His Presence for a few minutes. Your time I realise is precious, but caring for yourself in The Lord in this climate in which we find ourselves is essential.

I share this with you, hopefully to be a Blessing to you. I have received over these last weeks stress filled emails from Police/Staff, many of them from people who do not know the Lord.

“I Pray that you will receive an infilling of His Spirit during these times, so as you walk in Him, you will be there for others. Amen”.

In Him