Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your Prayers for those referred to in last week’s Prayer Letter. We still await decisions and actions for those who are ill and have had tests. Please keep Praying.

The first day we were allowed to meet in a Garden with a limited number of friends, I went with another friend to visit our friend P. We always go on holiday together.

As we sat there suitably spaced, P prepared drinks for us. Tea for her and M and a glass of water for me. (I cannot drink T/C). As the tray arrived; my glass of water was sitting there. For many years I have visited P’s home and regularly she has prepared a glass of water for me.

I could see that the glass was not one I had ever seen before; it was cut glass.

I took it and sipped the water, such a wonderful cool temperature. I so enjoyed it.

I eventually went home, but chose not to stay in the house but to go for a walk. Not sure why, but I felt “better”.

On the walk; I asked myself what had happened to me.

I realised the following. In the last 11 weeks, no one had served me with anything, everything I had eaten/drunk, I had prepared as I live on my own.

But in the last few hours, someone had handed me a beautiful glass of cool water and I had been physically with friends.

I am limited to Zoom friends from Church, Family Zoom time once a week and Zoom/Conference Calls, with Surrey and Sussex Prayer Times; all of which I so appreciate.   But today, two special friends and a glass of water…………

My mind went to the Lord,

                          Jesus stood up and called out in a loud voice,

                     “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.”.

                                                       John 7.37.

                   Refreshment and Friendship from The Lord – Himself.

A reminder that in this dry, unrecognisable wilderness in which we find ourselves, He has the answer and is a Friend.

I had for the first time in 11 weeks received a personal blessing from my friend. All it was, was a glass of water. I cannot express how important that was, not only was it refreshing, it also did my mind and soul good too.

Blessings in His Name