Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the responses to last week’s Prayer Letter. It has been interesting to see how many people are feeling as I do. I am so grateful for the blue skies and the best blossom I have seen on trees and shrubs for many a long year. Thank You Lord.

PRAISE and Prayer

  • One of the Leaders here in Surrey for the CPA has now returned to work part time; following major Surgery.
  • Please continue to Pray for Luke who is still awaiting decisions on tests taken a fortnight ago.
  • An Officer in the NPT based in Woking, was assaulted last Friday evening, whilst checking on a group of young males. He received head and wrist injuries. Admitted to hospital. Is now home.

I am sure like me you attend Zoom and Conference Call Meetings. Mine are Prayer Meetings with Police in Surrey and Sussex, as well as Church and Family get togethers.

Last week in a Police Prayer Meeting with Surrey, one of our Chaplains used the Biblical Phrase, “Faith, Hope and Love”. That is a well-known quote, but I had to admit, it is a long time since I had heard it said. Immediately I knew it was for this week’s Prayer Letter.

The reason – a few days earlier, I had received an email where an Officer was being very honest with me saying how pessimistic he felt and lack of hope for the future, was uppermost in his thinking.

Where we are today, in what we have been through and we still battle with; Faith can take a battering, our Hope can be very thin, but Love……

It says in God’s Word 1Cor: 13.13.

                   And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love.

                              But the greatest of these is Love.

             May you know the never-failing Love of God during these days.

In His Grip