Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone

Thank you, Bert, so much for sharing with us last week in the PL.


  • Simon who heads up the CPA in Surrey is making good progress. He is enjoying gardening, which, following his Surgery amazes me. He is slowly gaining much needed weight. Prayer please for his continued healing, much still to be done.
  • Luke had his procedure last week. thank you for your Prayers in that it went well. Prayers please as he awaits decisions. He has returned to work

We are holding many Zoom Prayer Meetings in our Church throughout the week.

How have I managed to get this far in life without Zoom………?

One of our Pastors in one such Prayer Meeting last week; reminded us of statements made in –

                                                  Eph: 1. 1-14

  • He chose us and adopted us. We were not His second choice. He loved us into His Family
  • He lavished His Grace upon us, lavished means generous and in extravagant quantities.
  • He has done this for the Praise of His Glory

I encourage you to study this Reading and be Blest.

My Prayers are with you all at this very difficult period of time we are in. I am hearing from many across Surrey, others in Sussex and The Met, of the difficulties and pressures on you and your families. I am Praying daily for you all. 

Rest in Him

In His Name