Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone

The following email, sent to me by a Surrey Police Officer, is self-explanatory.

Dear Alice

Your emails are as ever so apt and speak to the moment.  “He also made the stars” really touches me deeply.  I feel it appropriate to share the following with you and would be happy for as much or as little of the verse and background to be shared more widely if you would like to.

My brother died in 1993 aged 38 following 20 years of dialysis.  During one of his many hospitalisations, and not long before his death, the minster of our church challenged the congregation to think about what their own psalm would look like if they were to write one.  My mother relayed the challenge to my brother in hospital and this is what he wrote.  We read it recently at my father’s funeral and I was thinking that at a time when we are all wondering who will next be infected, or worrying about elderly or immune compromised friends and relatives that my brother’s words, written in the deepest of dark times, might speak to some. 

In each day I rejoice at the morning;
I welcome the rising of the mighty sun.
All my days my Lord has been with me
And His hand has not stayed his gentle care.
In my sickness He has brought me help
And He has shown His love through His servants.
He has stood me on my feet;
He has shown to me the path that I must travel.
My Lord has brought me to my freedom;
His healing hands have set my broken wing.
Throughout my illness He has never faltered
He has not let one minute of my life escape.
He has forgiven my doubt
And has soothed the desperation of my heart.
I have lain in darkness and self-pity
In deep shadows I recoiled from dire foreboding.
But you my Lord have riven that despair
And set the light of love to be my beacon.
You have spoken to my spirit in its sleeping,
In my waking you have never left my side.
True, then, you are Lord, and I beloved
And my spirit shall be your instrument forever.

My love and concern are with you all during these very difficult days. Please keep in touch.

With Prayers