Prayer letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I trust you are well.

I was recently asked for an update on Precious our 3-year-old little girl, Daughter of PCSO Colin Gibbons. On Saturday last I met her and her parents. She was remarkably bright, but had that morning been in hospital for a blood transfusion. Please continue to Pray for Precious and her family. Constant care for her is upper most in their lives.

Last Sunday, our Youth Leader asked us, “What is the greatest boast of all times?”. I knew I was in Church, but my mind immediately went to the secular world and decided that “We have been to the moon” would be my answer to his question. But no, sadly that was wrong.

The greatest boast of all times was when Jesus said in John 10. 10-11, “I have come that you may have life. The Good Shepherd lays down His Life for His Sheep”.

Our Youth Leader went on to point out “God values us”.

When he said that, I knew I needed to share that statement with you. I know from my walking alongside so many of you; that there are times you feel undervalued. Please may I encourage you that “God Values You”.

That statement also spoke to me at the time, I was so weary and exhausted following my time working at Newday, I had shown no enthusiasm during the Worship earlier in the Service, but then being reminded that God valued me, made me realise that I was special in His Eyes. He knew how I felt, also He has chosen me, died for me and given me life.

May you know His Value placed on your life by Him, this coming week.

Many Blessings

In His Name