Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

Thank you for the replies to last week’s PL including encouraging words.

I am aware of continuing illness amongst Officers and Staff. Prayer please for relief from such problems that are being endured at the moment.

Then we have the possible problems resulting from the Virus that many parts of the world are experiencing. As Police; you are seeing plans being put in place.

So many happenings around us that can wear us down right now.

Earlier this week I read in verse 16 of the first Chapter of Genesis

                                          “He also made the stars”

What a throwaway line that is.

Then later I read in Psalm 139

                               “You know every bone in my body;
                        You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
                      How I was sculpted from nothing into something”.

How amazing is that – The Creator of the stars also created you and I.

In this very troubled world in which we find ourselves today, I want to encourage you in our Amazing God. He created the Heavens. Surely, He will take care of His Creation, including you and I.

He is there for you today.


In His Name