Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

My first words today are to say “Thank You” for all you are and do. I often use that phrase at the end of an email when writing to an Officer or Member of Staff. I truly mean that so much. Having the privilege of walking alongside you, I have some insight into the amount you give of yourselves, in your daily lives to others.

Again, we have a death in Surrey. I am working with those organising plans for coming together to remember PC Ian Harding. Arrangements will be shared internally with you, when finalised.  I am so sad for his Family, his Friends and Colleagues. If with my Chaplain’s hat on; I can support you personally in any way, please contact me.

On entering Woking Police Station a few weeks ago, visiting as their Chaplain, I opened the door with my ID, as an Officer made his way to leave the building. I didn’t know him.

We smiled at each other. I then said, “Are you on your way home (which I thought was unlikely as it was 3.30pm) or on to another place?”. He replied,  “I am doing further visits then home at some time”. We continued to chat for a few moments. Eventually he said “Who are you?”.  I had my ID so he knew I was allowed in the building, but he had as it turned out, other reasons for asking me who I was. I gave him my name and explained I was the Chaplain at Woking Police Station. He immediately came back with, “I knew it, I knew it”. He went on to say; “You had to be someone who cares about us, to spend time with me. We do not have time to be concerned for each other due to the pressure of work we are under”. I fully understood where he was coming from. At that moment he said Goodbye and thanked me very sincerely for our chat.

I have continued to think about that conversation over the weeks. The following comes to mind:

He said, “Freely, freely you have received, freely, freely give. Go in My Name and because you believe, Others will know that I live”.    (Maranatha! Music)

Please know that I am not preaching at you, just encouraging you as His Children to share His Love with those around you as you see them in need.

I will be Praying for you as you minister to such Colleagues.

Blessings in His Name