Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I trust you are well. Thank you for the response to last week’s Prayer Letter. I know that what was written struck a chord with a number of you, so I am repeating the Bible Slot.

This message below from one of our Officers, encouraged me to write that Bible Slot.

  • “I have been finding it increasingly difficult to remain God focused with all that is going on at work with my usual daily policing role and the added work I have to do in order to work toward my diploma in Policing. Not feeling focused has made me feel down at times and I am trying so hard to find the correct balance. It was lovely to get some quality time with my family over the festive period and also spend time singing praises to the Lord as part of the music group at my local church”.

Here is one of the replies to the Prayer Letter.

  • “Good morning Alice, how are you? I needed to let you know, that this is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Having spent an exhausting few days trying to support a friend who is going through some extremely challenging times, I was literally crying out to God this morning, because I am at the end of my tether – her needs are testing me to the limit, so yes, I need refuelling, and rest. All the best…”

Below is the repeat of the Bible Slot from last week

I am during this year following a Daily Devotional Book written by Bear Grylls. A few days ago, he wrote the following “We can go roughly three weeks without food; three days without water and three minutes without oxygen”. He then goes on to say, “How long do we go on without refuelling our Faith?”

We read in His Word; Mark 6.31:

Because so many people were coming and going, His Disciples did not even have a chance to eat. Jesus said to them –

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

I Pray like others you will benefit from this Fuel that God needs you to have, to function as a Member of your Family as well as the Position you have within the Police.

In Him