Prayer Letter from Alice


Good Day All

In the absence of Alice, I have the pleasure of writing the prayer letter today.  I hope you are well Alice, and enjoying Newday! J

Earlier in the week I knew exactly what I was going to write, but on my way into work today it has all changed.  I often worship and pray on my way into work and listen out for what God is saying.  Today I felt the need to deal with some of the things I have been holding onto.

The issue of stress in the police force amongst officers and staff is well documented.  Like with a lot of you I have been dealing with quite a lot of stress this year.  I have lost some of my resilience and ability to deal with day-to day stuff like my boys making lots of noise, or just simply messing about.  It has affected my health quite significantly – I have lost weight, and I during bouts of it I have to really watch what I’m eating.  I have had to give up completely caffeinated coffee, and can only drink one or two cups of caffeinated tea a day.  I don’t know about you but the amount of caffeine I drink really helps to keep me going – it’s a bit of a nightmare!  Stress can be a good thing but too much of it can be bad.

I have carried a lot of responsibility this year, more so than in previous years, and I have been holding onto that too much.  Some examples of this are – the work I do was inspected a few weeks ago and the results are not looking good.  I am holding onto that.  I can’t in any way influence the report that is to come out or affect the changes that I fear will come.  On Wednesday I was suddenly given a piece of work to do that should have been 5-weeks ago by somebody else.  It hadn’t been done and I was told to give it my urgent attention.  This was not my work to do – I had never done anything quite like it, and given the volume of paperwork involved had no clue what I was expected to do.  [Why would you do that just before someone is due to go on leave?!] I held onto that.  I am responsible for training a civilian colleague who has just joined the team.  In the future he may replace me as a supervisor in the team as Sgt’s posts are being civilianised.  He has just been given a whole load of project work to do, which will take him away from the training he needs to do his core functions.  I have held onto that.

I have held on to these [and more!] and they have screwed me up inside.  Stress! Stress! Stress!

This type of stress is not good.   These things are beyond my control and I cannot change decisions made.  So today I decided, I needed to do some business with God.  At the heart of things I wanted, I needed control, and I still wanted that, but I have had to give up the right to have control and the right to know what is happening.  God’s in control, and he is “for us and not against us.”  We need to have faith that God’s plan for our lives is the best plan.  We need to have faith that our best days are ahead of us.

One of Alice’s favourite passages for the prayer letter is Psalm 46 verse 10 “Be still and know that I am God.”  This is the passage for you today.  We need to deal with the disappointments and discouragements that we have well, and we need to ask forgiveness in order to truly give it up and receive the healing we need.  We need to be mindful, and when our pattern of thinking takes us along the path of stress, we need give it to God and say “Your will be done” and accept and not question perhaps why things are happening.  We are called to be salt and light wherever we may be, and this starts with our attitudes.  We are not perfect but Jesus makes us perfect.

If you, like me, suffer with stress, then perhaps today is a day to start doing some business with God.  Let go of some of t hose things you have been holding on to and deal with it well.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Be blessed and be mighty.

In Jesus name