Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

A Member of the Surrey CPA Group was facing the Funeral of her Dad last week. She asked for Prayer – she wanted to be there to support everyone attending, take part, to honour her Dad and give thanks to The Lord for her Dad. She wanted the best; recognising the huge difficulty ahead of her.

During the day of the Funeral; I found myself regularly talking to The Lord about her.

Eventually I sat down and decided to talk specifically about her and what she was going though. I had spoken so many times already to the Lord about my Sister. In a way I had run out of what to say next. Out of my mouth came “Father”. Immediately followed the words of a Chorus I had not sung for many a long year. God is so gracious when He gives us the words to say/sing to Him.

Here below are some of the lines from the Chorus…

In our very busy schedules, may we always place everything In His Safe Hands.

“Father, I place into Your Hands the things I cannot do,
Father, I place into Your Hands the things that I’ve been through.
Father, I place into Your Hands the way that I should go,
For I know I always can trust You.

Father, I place into Your Hands my friends and family,
The things that trouble me, the person I would be.
For I know; I always can trust You”.

Many Blessings