Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

On Sunday this last week, I was joined by a Member of Surrey CPA and their family in my Church. Such a privilege to spend time together listening to God’s Word and involved in Worship together.

We are Studying the Book of Exodus. Our Lead Pastor spoke on the Ten Plagues that God brought on the Land of Egypt, because Pharoah would not “Let God’s People go”. The Hebrews were a long way off from being brought into freedom it would seem and were under much hardship, resulting in…

Moses being angry with God and everyone is angry with Moses

That phrase so spoke to me. Is that not the way life seems to be in so many areas right now? You do your best, no one appreciates you and God doesn’t seem to listen or act.

Our Pastor went on to say………

  • You are not God and you don’t have to be
  • God is Sovereign
  • There is no other God
  • God will fulfil all His Promises
  • God is Omnipotent
  • We can’t bargain with God
  • God wants us to rid ourselves of our idols
  • God will give us justice
  • God has Power to save
  • God’s Freedom came at a cost to Pharoah – the death of his first-born child as was the case throughout the Egyptians.

God’s First and Only Son gives us Freedom, because of His Death and Resurrection.

The Power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in each one of us today.