Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

A few years ago, I was truly amazed to receive the Maundy Money from the Queen. It takes place on Maundy Thursday. That Ceremony is based on the “Washing of the Disciples Feet”, in other words, Jesus became their Servant.

When attending the Maundy Service, instead of you going to the Queen which happens in every other Celebration, the Queen comes to you in the Congregation to thank you for your work and as your Servant – hands you the “Money”.

At Church this last Sunday; we were thinking about that original happening. We questioned –

How did Jesus feel when He came to wash Judas’s feet, knowing what Judas was about to undertake?

Jesus is there for everyone, no matter who we are and how far away we are from Him.

Live In The Good Of Your Calling As A Child of God

He Sent His Son To The Cross For Each One Of Us

Many Blessings this Easter Time,