Prayer Letter from Alice


Just before Christmas; we held here in Surrey Police, a Family Christmas Event. I noticed a very happy little girl, thrilled to be with her Mum and Dad and so excited. It was Precious, the little girl who has had Leukaemia. She is so much better and looks to start school in September. She does have to attend hospital from time to time, but what a thrill to see her. Thank You Lord for answering our Prayers for this special little one.

I chose some time ago to start this New Year’s PL with a “Massive Thank You” to you all, for who you are and what you do. I so admire you and appreciate you.

Then New Year’s Eve arrived.
I decided to spend the change-over of the year in The Force Control Room as I am the Chaplain there. I went in armed with homemade cake goodies; to be warmly greeted by the Operations’ Controller, shaking my hand and asking me if I would like tea or coffee. Before I could answer him, he said “We have a truck in the river” followed very quickly by another person saying “We have three trapped people”. Having driven through Guildford to get to HQ and having been passed by a Police Car and Ambulance on Blues and Twos and travelling in opposite directions to each other around me, I assumed it was the river in Guildford that was being referred to.
No, it was the beginning of the horrendous collision near Heathrow. Slowly I was being drawn in to these unbelievable happenings. I wandered around the Room watching actions being taken and realising this was resulting in many Emergency People being called to the area.

Since then of course we have learned of the seriousness and who these people were who lost their lives at that moment and another still seriously ill in hospital.

My gratitude grows every day for each one of you, as you respond to many needs. I so truly admire you all. Thank You.

I eventually arrived home, wondering what was happening at the scene at Heathrow. I switched my lap top on and there was a message to encourage me in who I am in Christ Jesus. I knew at that moment it was meant for each one of you, I have written it before and I am sure I will write it again. Please be encouraged.

“You are here for such a time as this” Esther 4.14.

God knows you and loves you and knows He can trust you to take His Love and care to others.

God Bless you and keep you. May you know His Peace. AMEN.

In Him