Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Another year has gone by and yet again a Birthday has turned up for me.

This of course results in cards and presents for which I am truly grateful; and in today’s busy world a Zoom link with my two Daughters, 50 miles and 6,000 miles away. I have them with me to enjoy the moment of opening the envelopes and the presents. Very special for me.

As the cards appeared I read out the message and senders’ names, and then placed them near the camera so that the Girls could see as well.

That is until I said, “I have no idea who this is from”. The words said, “With Prayers and thoughts for you” which told me they were two Christian Friends, but the names I could not decipher. I placed the signatures against the camera. The Girls could not work it out either…

I am a few days down the road since then -still at a loss…

During this time, the words keep coming to me from – Is: 49.16

“Your Name is written on the Palms of My Hand”

No question in God’s Heart… “Who is this? It is My Name!”

Again we read of the Powerfulness of His Hands. We continue “To be known” and “Held In His Grip”.