Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the responses to last week’s PL. I was pleased to know it encouraged you.  Thank You Lord. I sent the PL knowing I was seeing how you are weary and tired and I wanted to encourage you as to how The Lord sees you.

I visited one of my Chaplaincy Teams this last week and I saw the following. I asked permission to take this photo. It was granted.

It spoke to me of the pressure of those working in that Department. I knew it was for this week’s PL. Hence the photo.

Sadly “Tomorrow” never comes. It remains at all times “Tomorrow”.

So pleased that The Lord doesn’t tell us – “Wait until tomorrow, I may have time then”.

 Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever  Heb:13.8.

May you know His Constant Presence in these coming days.