Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I have the privilege of meeting many Officers and Staff in Surrey Police.

I meet with 10 different Teams weekly as a Chaplain.

I know a number of you who receive this Prayer Letter.

I have been part of Surrey Police for nearly 30 years as a Volunteer and I have never before known and seen such tired, weary people as I am at this time.

I am also aware of the constant battle you are under. It almost seems that no matter what you do, to the world – you can never get it right.

So, I am sharing the following with you for your encouragement. It is based on a “crystal twaddle” production.

This is what your Heavenly Father says about you 

You are Unique Ps 139. 13    

                                 Loved Jer 31. 3  

                                                  Special Eph 2.10

                                                             Created with a Purpose Jer 29.11

                                                                               Cared For Eph 3. 17, 18, 19

Precious 1Cor 6.20

                  Strong Ps 18.35

                                 Important 1Peter 2. 9

                                           Forgiven Ps 103.12 

                                                      New Creation 2Cor 5.17

                                                                    Protected Ps 121.3

                                                                              Empowered Phil 4.13

                                                                                        Chosen John 15.16

                                                                                                       Family Eph 2.19                     

                                                  You are Mine Is 43.1

Together in Christ.