Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone.

I trust you are well.

  • May I ask you to continue to Pray for those around you, who are battling for various reasons.
  • I admit, I am very selfish when it comes to Prayer. I always Pray for myself first, before I talk to the Lord about anyone else or situation that concerns me. Please Pray for yourself as well.

This will be my last Prayer Letter this year. It is called pressure of time and a Daughter arriving from The States whom I only see once a year, hopefully you will forgive me.

However, I have had for a little while the writings below, which I would love you to dwell on during this Christmas Period.

I have no idea of the Author of these words, but the words are from God.

You will see as you read the words, that this is the reason for Christmas.

Bask in the luxury of being fully understood and unconditionally loved.

Dare to see yourself as I see you – radiant in My Righteousness. Cleansed by My Blood.

I view you as the one I created you to be; the one you will be in actuality when Heaven becomes your home.

It is My Life within you that is changing you, from Glory to Glory.

Rejoice in this mysterious miracle.

Just sit before Me; receiving the rock-solid truth; that you are fully understood and unconditionally loved by Me, the God of all Creation.

I see you; I know you and I Your God love you, right where you are just now.

Find rest at this time in amongst the busyness of your work and family.

Have a Wonderful Christmas.

God Bless