Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your replies to last week’s Prayer Letter.

Today I want to share with you a word of encouragement, from Ezra 7. 28.

“Because the Hand of the Lord My God was on me, I took courage”

Last week, I wrote to a recipient of the PL. I know where this person is situated; the type of work and position they hold in the Police. I suggested that for them – life must seem like a “Roller Coaster” at the moment.

I received this reply:

“I think the tracks of this Roller Coaster started many years ago. Likely to be a very long, bumpy ride. But as long as Jesus is in the seat next to us, we’ll get to the end with joy!”

God’s invisible, intangible Hand is on each one of us, Take Courage.

May you know His Peace.