Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I continue to Pray for each one of you as you walk on with Him. Each journey will be different and our lives are so different to each other. But we have a Common Factor: The Lord Jesus Christ – Hallelujah!

I read the following this last week written by Susie Larson:

May God give you rest on all sides.
May Jesus lead you into a season of replenishment and restoration.
May your good days outnumber your bad days.
May your dreams speak louder than your fears.
Where once you continually braced for impact,
May you now live with Holy Expectancy.

It is the last two lines of the above that stood out and spoke to me.  

Where once you continually braced for impact
May you now live with Holy Expectancy

I realise that some people can completely crush us by their words; to the point of putting us down. As a result, we may have said “I can never get anything right”.

I have chosen recently not to allow people’s words that would “Put me down”, to impact me; by placing the Name of Jesus in my thoughts and heart when I see such words coming my way.

The relief and restoration – already obvious. Because of Him.

We are all In His Grip