Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

A Personal Testimony:

I have found these last three weeks interesting, surprising and frightening.

I shared the story of the Toddler and his Dad. Then went on to mention the amazing Earthquake that took place to release Paul and Silas, doors opened but no walls fell down!

God has taken me on a journey during this time.

Firstly, fit and well to give my 98th Blood Donation for three Cancer Patients somewhere in England; and then an unexpected decision I had to make, to go to a local hospital for a check up on a very painful lump that quickly appeared on my left shoulder blade. The following day to find myself having a General Anaesthetic to remove this offending lump (No nasties!!).

My Testimony is one of God – always in control of this happening. Yes, long queues to get through to our wonderful NHS and their superb Staff waiting for me. He opened up a way for everything to be carried out. Operating Theatre available for me, in amongst so many people on waiting lists.

I knew of God’s care of me during this time – doors opening for me…

So, I am writing to you today as one of God’s Toddlers – having been on a journey with Him, no idea where I was going … but He did!


Trust in The Lord with all your heart
Lean not unto your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him
And He will direct your path.  Proverbs 3: 5-6.

May you know this coming week – that He is far more aware of your needs than you are and is there with you, as in my case – when decisions and actions are taken out of our hands.

We are In His Grip