Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Last Sunday I was driving to Church in the car. Ahead of me on the pavement, was what seemed to me to be a very dutiful Dad – pushing a pushchair. It was so special to see. I know now God was on my case, he had today’s Prayer Letter waiting for me.

The traffic was slow. As I came up to this Dad – on the small platform on which a toddler would stand – was a toddler. No baby inside. Instead, on the seat, a very large colourful football; which toddler was clutching with enormous care. It was definitely not going to fall out onto the pavement, or under my wheels. Toddler was looking for a good game with Dad when they arrived on the nearby playing field.

I continued to think on, on this picture. What came to me was the following. Our Heavenly Father is constantly marching on with us. Like this Dad; but supremely capable, He looks after each one of us as we “Hold” what He has given us to undertake. How precious was that football to that little boy in the way he was hugging it.

Whatever God has given you to hold/undertake, He is aware of that and will enable you to carryout His Plans in and through you. Jer 29.11.

For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord

Plans for you to prosper

Plans to give you hope

And a future

Many Blessings this week as He takes you along; to carry out what He has handed you to undertake for Him.

In His Grip.

Together In Christ.