Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone.

Those who have been with me a long time (16 years), will recognise the following –

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46.10.

It is the verse on which my now late Husband – Barry spoke, when he shared a Word with the Congregation at our Church. Three weeks later, he went to be with His Heavenly Father in Glory following Major Surgery; from which he never recovered.

It has crossed my path again this week. I saw it written as follows – “Listen to Your Father”. As I saw that, I could hear my Mum saying to me, “Listen to your Dad”.

Not all Dads have necessarily been the best of Dads, I understand that. This though is Our Heavenly Father speaking. Before He created the Heavens and the Earth for us to enjoy, He knew about each one of us and He loves us.

May you hear Him today in the area of your concern, need, encouragement and more than all – in His Love for you. Amen.

In His Grip.
Together in Christ