Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Below, a message sent to me this week from a Recipient of the PL in Surrey Police:

I attended a Church Conference this last week where the Guest Speaker spoke on “Lingering and Longing”. Drawing from Exodus 33v11 where Joshua stayed in the Tent after everyone else had left. We had a time of Ministry – “Lingering and Longing”. I had a Radical Encounter:

An image of me standing in a Custody Suite in Police Uniform staring up at the Custody Sergeant –   but It was Jesus! It was as though He was taking Custody of my heart. I could not stop sobbing. I was unable to physically stand up due to the weight on my heart.

Later I looked up the definition of “Custody” – “The protective care or guardianship of someone or something” I was so encouraged that Jesus not only has Custody over my heart but the Police Force as a whole.

Then I was reminded of 2 Corinthians 7:11 “See what this Godly sorrow has produced in you… What readiness to see justice done”.

I believe; despite the heaviness most people are feeling within Police Work, Jesus has Custody of our hearts and of Surrey Police. As we carry this burden, we have the readiness to see justice done!

May you – Spend Time “Lingering and Longing” with Him. Today – be assured that “You are in His Grip” and have an impact on those around you.