Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

International Day of Prayer for The Emergency Services.

As I write this, we still have one more time of Prayer – this evening.

Earlier today we started in my homeland Wales and my childhood home of Cwmbran where the CC of Gwent Police led our Session of Prayer – CC Pam Kelly.

Here are a few things Pam said –

  • Due to the nature of our job, we are always rushing – never get ahead of the queue – without God.
  • Diligent Prayer is essential, we need to put on the oxygen mask so that we can help others.
  • Have a check list but always hand it over to God at the beginning of the day, He can completely reconstruct it for you.
  • How will we manage anything without God?
  • Hand over your Colleagues to The Lord regularly.
  • We are salt and light.

We heard from Officers in Burundi, Spain, Rumania, Hong Kong and N. Ireland.

Finally, towards the end of our time together at lunchtime, we had a sound dropout from the speaker. Thankfully, links were sorted eventually. As that happened, I realised that there is never a moment in our lives where we are cut off from Our Lord and Saviour. Hallelujah.

I am so grateful that He chose me before the foundation of the world.

I am truly encouraged, as the Ambulance Rep: Simon King, said,

“We have a tremendous Ministry opportunity to witness to Colleagues and those we are protecting”.

Press on in Him.