Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Speaking to many Officers and Members of Staff in Surrey Police, I keep hearing of how much stretching is going on amongst the Teams.

I am hearing too from Parents who are caring for their youngsters who are entering the Exam Period for GCSE’s and A Level. How to handle this with the Pandemic years and more recently Teachers on strike.

Stretched by both Work and Home.

A few weeks ago, on Sunday at my Church, we were again in the Gospel of John studying the story of the “Feeding of the Five thousand”. It in turn reminded me of a Preach many years ago, where our Pastor said –

Have you ever wondered how the Disciples felt when Jesus said to them –

Pick up a Basket and feed them.”

You have given us an impossible task Lord”.

But with Faith in Jesus and their willingness – they saw a Miracle take place in front of their eyes.

Please can I encourage you to carry the Basket that is yours right now in your life, and move on willingly and believe the Lord has a way of working things through for you – what appears to be an “Impossible Task”. 

“He is able to do exceedingly above and beyond what you can think or imagine”.

In Him

Together in Christ.